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Let's breathe life into Your Amazing Ideas

As a professional mobile app development company in Lagos, Nigeria , we are envisioned to provide the latest and finest app development solutions to businesses worldwide. A mobile app development agency you can always trust. Let's help your brand develop meaningful connections with customers through mobile app.


Nearly everyone can code, but its takes intelligence to develop apps that people love. Whether, you are startup who is struggling with their sales, or an established brand, MTS is a mobile app development company that is ready to create engaging, vibrant and soul-satisfying mobile apps that will drive business for your brand. Our team of app development are dedicated to help your brand develop mobile apps on cross-platforms, iOS apps, Android apps. Before launching the app in the market, we conduct serious A/B testing to ensure that the mobile app is working smoothly on all the popular mobile platforms.

Creating Apps that you love.

Android App Development

Our professional mobile app development team are experts in modelling business and workflows by taking due advantage of Android phones and their features. Android apps are a vital feature of any digital marketing campaign.

Augmented Reality

Bridging the gap between virtual and real world, AR is making big splashes across the mobile technology landscape. We offer feature-ready and fully customized AR mobile apps that will enthrall your audience and leave them in awe.

iOS App Development

We create all kinds of iOS apps that are interactive, engaging and fun. Our expert mobile app developers ensure targeted ROI.

Virtual Reality

Show. Don't tell. In today’s cutthroat marketplace, one of the greatest differentiators is customer experience.VR app development is riding the waves of popularity, and we are here to help our clientele harness the power of this innovative art form.


Your feedback is very critical to the continuous improvement of your mobile app development solution. To ensure all stakeholders are on the same page, our mobile app development team in Lagos utilises different modes of communication. As a Lagos-based mobile app development company we understand that engaging the customers is vital for every business and will make that dream reality for you.


Through our robust app development techniques, our team of experienced mobile app developers not only develops the most feature-rich apps, but also puts its clients, completely at peace. The mobile app development company experts in our team take an agile approach to give you the best shot of success.

Monitoring Quality

Continuous testing procedures allow our team of mobile app developers to promptly discover and fix bugs. To maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project's duration. Unlike most of the mobile app development companies we focus more on the quality of the mobile app and ensure that quality is monitored at every step.

Value Addition

Mobile app development services at MTS employ a feature-focused methodology, features that are critical for your business are developed first. A custom app development agency that will help you add any features that you want.


Our efficient mobile app development cycle

Your idea
Share your app ideas with us and we will thoroughly evaluate it on business-centric criteria and develop a plan of action to turn your app ideas into reality.
We rapidly transform your app ideas into a visual structure and map the app functionality over it to lay the foundation of how your mobile application will look and perform.
We combine creativity with design innovation giving you an amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality that instantly hooks users and keeps them engaged.
We develop mobile apps by integrating front-end and back-end closely together so they work flawlessly without any hiccups to deliver a memorable user experience.
Schrewd Testing
We pass your mobile apps through strenuous and rigorous app testing process that tests the mobile app on multiple fronts and maintains the highest quality standards.
App Submission
We take the hassle out of app store approvals by creating apps according to the guidelines. With our app store optimization service, we ensure your app reaches the top of the search results.

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