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UI and UX design agency in Lagos

You need a product that will stand out. We are both UI & UX design studio, product and service design studio, helping our clients innovate, design and build beautiful digital products and experiences for their users.

UI and UX Development

At MTS Digitals, experienced designers work hand in hand with developers to design digital products and services that are visually stunning, valuable and useful. We have over seven years of experience working with start-ups, corporates, in-house teams, agencies and entrepreneurs in the UK, US, and Lagos, Nigeria. We offer not merely our time but also all the experience we have gained.

Designing meaningful digital products & experiences

We are more than just a UX design agency. We supply you the skills you need to deliver world-class results. We have your back from the fist stages, product launch is never the end for us. We build long-term relationships with our clients. We focus business and results. Our goal is to be your favourite partner for digital products design.

Working with start-ups

We know what it takes to launch a new product. We help start-ups validate and visualise their ideas, prepare branding and other resources to secure investments, define their MVPs. That is not the end, though. We help our clients to optimise their KPIs, identify problems and grow the business.

Helping teams deliver

We can join your existing team to help you deliver outstanding results. We are used to working with agencies and corporates, helping them with managing workshops, gathering feedback, testing their solutions and designing new products, services and interfaces.


Our design team can help you in these areas

Let's give your product the credibility and professionality it needs. We will design your new visual identity, logo and other resources you need.
Workshops & discovery
Gather feedback, clarify your priorities and come up with solutions fast. We help facilitate design sprints and other workshops with UX design outcomes.
Research & strategy
Let's find out what your product needs to have. We will prepare personas, roadmaps, back-logs and other resources for further steps in the project.
UI design & UI kit
Your new digital product needs to be pixel-perfect, visually stunning and useful. We will design your app's interface and hand-over the UI kit.
Validated prototype
The interactive prototype will help us visualize your ideas and understand the UX design and customer journey. We will ask potential users for feedback.
MVP design
Do you have an app in mind? Defying an MVP is one of the first steps towards success. We will design the MVP and test it with future users

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